Convenient Low Entry, Step-Through Frame with Round Profile Tubular Steel Main Frame and Handlebars.
Frame Support

Transportation Wheels on Front Frame End Caps.
Hexagonal Twist Adjust Rear Frame End Caps.

Frame Finish
Scratch and Chip Resistant Silver-Grey Epoxy Powder Coating.

Cycle Action - Single/ Dual/ Triple

Seated Upright Cycle Action.

Drive System - Chain/ Belt

Composite Rubber Drive Belt with Freewheel. High Grade 3-Piece Crankshaft.

Resistance System
Friction-Free 7kg Cast Iron Flywheel with External Multi-Plate Magnetic Resistance System.
Resisitance Adjustment
Upright Mounted 8-Step Resistance Controller.
Contoured with Reach / Angle Adjustment and Smooth High Density Expanded Foam Padded Grips.
PVC Covered Deep Padded Saddle.
Saddle Height Adjustment
9-Position Twist Lock Height Adjustment with Spindle Base Plate Fitting. Reach Adjustable Horizontal Sliding Facility.
Exercise Monitor
Single Screen, Large Sectioned LCD 7-Function with Calorie (Theoretical Calorie Burn), Distance (Miles), Hand Pulse (Beats per Minute), RPM, Scan, Speed (mph), and Time (Minutes / Seconds) Modes.
Maximum In-Use Dimensions
L 90cm x W 50cm x H 140cm x Wt 28.7kg
Maximum User Weight

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