Heavy Duty 60mm and 50mm Round and 80mm x 40mm x 1.5mm Oblong Tubular Steel Frame Components.
Frame Support
Impact Absorbing Rubber Frame End Caps.
Frame Finish
Chip Resistant, Grey Sandtex Epoxy Powder Coated.

Seats and Backrest

Deep Padded Deluxe Vinyl (Cloth Backed) Covered Seat, Backrest and VKR Support Pads with Screen Printed V-fit Logo.

Grips and Rollers

High Density Expanded Foam Grips and Leg Rollers.
Resistance System
¡§Double-up¡¨ Cable Operated System with 10 x 4.5kg Aggregate Filled Vinyl Shells. Protective Weight Shield.
Maximum Gym Resistance
90kg Resistance on the Bench Press.
Module 1 -
Leg Press
Full Size Cable Operated with 90kg Maximum Resistance.
Module 2 -
Stepper / VKR
Single Independent Self-Returning Stepper Action. Full Height Vertical Knee Raise Station with Padded Forearm Rests and Backrest.
Stepper Resistance System
Twin Independent Hydraulic Cylinders Rated at 42 PSI.
Step Arms
60mm x 30mm Oblong Tubular Steel.
Oversize, PVC Dimpled, Non-Slip.
Exercise Stations

Bench Press / Chest Press / Lat Pulldown (Front and Back) / Pec Dec / Leg Extension Back Leg Curls / Upright Rows / Crunches / Sit-ups / Knee Raise / Leg Lift / Leg Press Aerobic Stepper.

Maximum In-Use Dimensions
L 192cm x W 260cm x H 215cm x Wt 171.5kg
Maximum User Weight

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