80mm / 40mm Tubular Steel Main Frame with 60mm x 30mm Rear Support and 50mm Diameter Front Support. Rowing Rail Folds for Storage.
Frame Support
Transportation Wheels on Front Frame. Sit-Flat Front and Rear Frame Support Caps.
Frame Finish
Chip Resistant Grey Coloured Epoxy Powder Coated.

Rowing Action - Single/ Sculling

Single Gym-Style Belt Action.
Resistance System
50cm Diameter Extruded PU Fan-Wheel with 16 Vanes. Sealed 20-Roller Freewheel Drive Bearing.
Resisitance Adjustment
None, Speed Proportionate (Air), with High Resistance Extra-Strong Return Spring.
Row Arm
Single 25mm Bar with High Density Foam Padded Grips.
Contoured, Expanded Foam with PVC Cover.
Seat Carriage
Press Mild Steel with Composite Nylon Covered Bearing Mounted Upper and Lower Seat Pollers.
Pivoting, Oversize PVC with 2-Position Mount, Adjustable Velcro Style Footstraps.
Exercise Monitor
Single Screen, 5-Function Single Button with Calorie (Theoretical Calorie Burn), Distance (km), Scan, Speed (km/h), and Time (Minutes and Seconds) Modes.
Maximum In-Use Dimensions
L 193.5cm x W 47cm x H 57cm x Wt 20.5kg ¡V Flat
L 78cm x W 47cm x H 155cm ¡V Folded
Maximum User Weight

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